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     IJOI Vol. 41 - updated Journal
     Bimaxillary protrusion with an atrophic alveolar defect: Orthodontics, autogenous chin-block graft, soft tissue augmentation, and an implant (January 2015 Volume 147, Issue 1, Pages 97–113) Video
     CC334. Simplify CII Correction Part 3 (♬) Video
     CC333. Simplify CII Correction Part 2 (♬) Video
     CC321. Ramus Screw for deeply impacted lower 2nd molars (A tribute to Dr. Charles Burstone) (♬) Video
     CC319. Height for Bite Turbo (Modified) (♬) Video
     Adult Complex Video
     GBR & Implant Position (♬) Video
     台灣假牙牙醫學會—會員大會與專題演講 (中文) Video
     Gummy Smile Treatment Video
     NEW Beethoven's Damon System !!! Video
     2013/06/23 Excellent Finishing Keynote (♬) Video
     USC Case Report VISTA (♬) Video
     Buccal X-bite + Protrusion (♬) Video
     113th AAO Lecture - Class III by Chris Chang ( Eng. ) Video
     Deep Bite Correction plus Flapless (♬) Video
     CIII Damon 2013 (♬) Video
     TAO Lower Impacted (♬) Video
     Early Tx & Implant Video
     Early CIII Video
     Early Orthodontic Tx Video
     Now or Later Video
     Summary: 2B-3D rule by Dr. Chris Chang ( 張慧男 博士 ) Video
     Immediate Implant Placement in Esthetic Zone (♬) Video
     Complex IO APF (♬) Video
     Complex IO Sinus Lift (♬) Video
     Complex IO Ortho (♬) Video
     Ortho-Implant Decision Making (♬) Video
     Open Bite ClassIII (♬) Video
     Socket Classification (♬) Video
     VISTA & Crescent FGG (♬) Video
     C27. VISTA (♬) Video
     OI-1. Ortho-Implant Case (♬) Video
     iAOI Case Demo - Impacted AO3 (♬) Video
     Jobsology (♬) Video
     Taiwan Association of Orthodontists-23th-Chris (♬) Video
     Demo for iAOI Case Report (Eng.) Video
     Burstone & Milan-Chris (中) Video
     How Fast it is!! Practice Continuous Locking Suture. (♬) Video
     Ortho-Implant MegaGen (♬) Video
     Amazing Upper Impacted Teeth (♬) Video
     USC Dentistry: International Periodontal & Implant Symposium 2011 (Eng.) Video
     Join the iAOI (中) Video
     Ortho-Implant Lateral Window (中) Video
     Post. X-bite (中) Video
     Suture Techniques: from Basics to Advanced (♬) Video
     Practice Mattress Suture (♬) Video
     Amazing Class III Open Bite (♬) Video
     VL12-1. Impacted WIOC (Eng.) Video